Galahad became a hamlet of Flagstaff County on December 31, 2015. Visit the Hamlet section of this website for more information.

Galahad represents the grace and beauty of Alberta’s heartland. Situated just north of the Battle River, it is centered between Killam and Castor on Highways 861 and 36. The community is graced with the riches of the soil and a wealth of resources, with vibrant oil, coal mining and electrical power production. Galahad enjoys a trading area with traditional roots in agriculture and the promise of growth in a diversified economic base.

People have always been Galahad’s primary resource. The hamlet exemplifies the Alberta tradition of warmth and hospitality. Galahad has a 20-bed fully modern long-term care facility that was built in 1990. The modern Agriplex offers a progressive library, a family bowling center and a fully serviced community event center.

Volunteer groups include the fire department, Lions Club, Agricultural Society, Library Board, Galahad catering group, Galahad Hospital Auxiliary, Cemetery Society and more.

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