Council Code of Conduct

The citizens of Flagstaff County are entitled to expect the highest standards of conduct from the elected members of Council. Therefore, the Municipal Government Act and Code of Conduct for Elected Officials Regulation (AR 200/2017) required Council, by bylaw, to establish a Code to govern all Councillors equally, to provide transparent and accountable government.

Council has passed Bylaw 08/18 to establish a Code of Conduct for Members of Council. The purpose of the bylaw is to establish standards for the ethical conduct of members relating to their roles and obligations as representatives of the municipality and a procedure for the investigation and enforcement of those standards.

Bylaw 08/18 is summarized in the following guidelines (Appendix A):

  • Agree to govern in accordance with the requirements and obligations set out in the municipal legislation of the Province of Alberta (Municipal Government Act);
  • Agree to commit to ethical, businesslike and lawful conduct, including proper use of authority and appropriate decorum when acting as Council members;
  • Represent, as a primary obligation superseding all other interests, the best interests of the community of Flagstaff County;
  • Serve in a liaison role when appointed as members of committees or boards;
  • Avoid conflict of interest, by refraining from self-dealing or any conduct of private business or personal services between any Council Member and the corporation, except as provided by the Municipal Government Act;
  • Not use the position to obtain employment with the corporation for one’s self, family members or close associates;
  • Not use confidential information for the personal profit of them self or any other person;
  • Disclose any affiliations or interest with an organization that may affect decision making on matters before Council regarding that organization;
  • Not attempt to exercise individual authority over the corporation;
  • Recognize, when interacting with the Chief Administrative Officer or with staff, the lack of authority vested in a Councillor except when explicitly Council authorized;
  • Recognize, when interacting with the public, press or other entities, the same limitation and the inability of any Council Member to speak for the Council except to repeat explicitly stated Council decisions;
  • Direct any comments on staff performance to the Chief Administrative Officer;
  • Avoid public comment on staff performance;
  • Respect the confidentiality of issues that are determined by policy of Council to be confidential and not communicate confidential information to anyone not entitled to receive same;
  • Preserve the integrity and impartiality of Council;
  • For a period of twelve (12) months after leaving office, the Councillor will abide by the standards of conduct listed above, except those related to confidential information, which shall apply in perpetuity;
  • Members of municipal Council shall not assume that any unethical activities not covered by or specifically prohibited by this Code of Ethics and Conduct, or any legislation, are therefore condoned.

Members of Flagstaff County Council agreed to uphold the intent of these guidelines and will govern their actions accordingly.

Values of Council

As a Council, we hold the following to be our guiding Values:

  • Respect for individuals and each other;
  • Honesty and integrity;
  • Openness;
  • Willingness to listen;
  • Willingness to participate;
  • Commitment to task at hand;
  • Receptive to new ideas;
  • Dedication to preparation;
  • Mutual support through positive feedback;
  • Speak with one voice.