County Council

Seven men in suits standing in front of large sign

Flagstaff County Council is comprised of a representative from each of the County’s seven divisions. The Reeve and Deputy Reeve are elected by the members of Council annually at the Organizational Meeting. As governed by the Municipal Government Act, a municipal election is held every four years. Drawing upon their unique experiences and diverse backgrounds, Flagstaff County Council members work together as a unit to provide the direction and outcomes that will best serve the interests of the municipality as a whole.

Don Kroetch

Reeve – Division 5
Phone: (780) 781-4292

Man with glasses smiling

Howard Shield

Deputy Reeve – Division 7
Phone: (780) 781-0046

Man with grey hair smiling

Rick Manning

Division 1
Phone: (780) 888-3886

Mat Ponto

Division 2
Phone: (780) 608-8479

Man with short, brown hair

Jeff Eckstrand

Division 3
Phone: (780) 384-2110

Man with white beard and glasses

Melvin Thompson

Division 4
Phone: (780) 385-2362

Man with beige hair and glasses smiling

Larry Hiller

Division 6
Phone: (780) 384-2751