The Town of Sedgewick, named after the Honourable Robert Sedgewick, was one of many towns that sprang up along the railroad in the early years of the last century. The CPR’s arrival in 1906 brought homesteaders and early settlers to the area. They were lured west by the reports of excellent farmland and with their pioneering spirit, soon built a settlement at the town’s current location.

Incorporated as a village in 1907, Sedgewick continued to grow and by 1910 was a bustling, modern municipality of over 300 residents. Many of the descendents of these early settlers still call Sedgewick home. In 1966, Sedgewick gained town status.

Sedgewick is located in a geologically sandy till area of the province, meaning that good water was available a mere 14-18 feet below the surface. Not only was this a boon to the early settlers, but has afforded the Town the distinction of being named “Best Tasting Water in Alberta.”

While Sedgewick remains agriculturally based, the oil boom in Alberta has impacted the community as it has the rest of the province. Oil and gas production and service now contribute significantly to Sedgewick’s economy. The town is one of several municipalities in the province to operate its own natural gas service (operated jointly with the Town of Killam). This foresight has provided the residents of the community with inexpensive natural gas rates.

As with many rural communities in the Province, recreation plays a big part in the lifestyle of the area. The town boasts a large recreational facility, housing hockey and curling rinks, bowling alley and library as well as ball diamonds and a racetrack. Together with the Sedgewick Golf Course, these facilities make Sedgewick a popular sports destination. Sedgewick Lake Park is a popular camping, picnicking and bird watching destination.

Sedgewick continues to be a close-knit, vibrant community, and its residents can take pride in what has been built over the past 100 years. As they enter their second century, it will continue to grow through the spirit and achievements of its citizens.

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