Roadside Vegetation Management

Brush Control_2

Under our Roadside Vegetation Management Program, we work to control the growth of small brush along roadsides and intersections to enhance road safety and prolong the life of the road infrastructure.

Spot treatment of herbicide application for brush is implemented, as opposed to blanket application, resulting in more environmentally responsible use of herbicide.

Mowing grass and vegetation along arterial, collector and local roads’ municipal right-of-ways is conducted twice a year to improve visibility into the ditches, reduce snow trapping and help prevent wildlife collisions.

Land will be sprayed up to 500 feet to a farm site and continue 500 feet past the farm site.

Brush spraying will not occur if the brush is over 2 meters in height, unless otherwise directed by the Agricultural Fieldman.

Flagstaff County recognizes that some landowners/tenants are not in favour of having municipally owned roadsides adjacent to their property treated with herbicide for brush and weed control.

Should you as a landowner/tenant not be in favour of roadside spraying adjacent to your property, the ASB requests that you complete a No Spray Agreement prior to June 1 of each year and submit it to the Flagstaff County office. The No Spray Agreement is good for five years.

“Do Not Spray” signs are available at the Flagstaff County Administration Building. These signs must be posted along the roadsides.

By signing this agreement, the landowner/tenant then assumes the responsibility of maintaining weed and brush control along these designated areas to municipal standards.

Click HERE to apply online for a No Herbicide Application Agreement.