Annual Reports

Annually, Flagstaff County prepares a report summarizing the operations of the municipality. Each department provides a review of the programs and services completed that year. To receive a copy of the 2023 Annual Report, please contact the Flagstaff County office. Annual Reports dating back to 2020 can be viewed below.

The following additional reports have been accepted by Flagstaff County Council:

2024 Flagstaff County Programs and Services Priorities

Council performed departmental priority surveys and the results were compiled into this report.

competitivenessassessment copy

Flagstaff County: Competitiveness Assessment of the Flagstaff Region

This report provides a high-level overview of Flagstaff’s “competitive position”.

Economic Development Strategic Pathways

Flagstaff County Economic Development Strategic Pathways – Approved January 2015

This Plan represents an update to, and replacement of, the Economic Development Strategic Plan (2009). In 2014, Flagstaff County conducted workshop activities that have sought a more region-based consensus on an economic and community development path forward. This Plan contains thematic focus and a short to intermediate term economic development agenda for the County. Actions are dedicated to working toward the County vision and objectives established in this Plan.

Final Flagstaff HMP Oct 2014

Flagstaff County Heritage Management Plan

This document is the first Heritage Management Plan for Flagstaff County. It will establish the best practices and steps for the conservation, protection, management and presentation of historic resources in Flagstaff County. The Heritage Management Plan is a continuation of the previous projects completed by Heritage Collaborative Inc.; the Heritage Survey and the Heritage Inventory Projects. The Survey and Inventory identified Flagstaff County’s most prominent and significant historic resources. The Heritage Survey and Inventory provide the baseline documentation to develop a Heritage Management Plan to facilitate preservation of the County’s heritage character.


Flagstaff County Rural Road Study – Approved April 2013

GENIVAR Inc. was retained by Flagstaff County to complete a rural road study to show road categories including bridges and how this infrastructure, based on its condition and utilization, are systematically placed in an order of priority inside a long-term plan. The purpose of this study was to establish a long-term road infrastructure “hierarchy network system” which is complementary to the provincial Highway network within the County, assess and prioritize the select rural roads identified by the County as a priority for construction, Rank or prioritize identified bridges for the purpose of establishing a priority listing of construction projects, estimate the costs for construction of the road network for the next ten plus year and road recovery review.

Flagstaff County Social Sustainability Framework – Approved January 2012

The overall goal of this Framework is to enhance the well-being of the current and future residents of the Flagstaff Region, and to maintain and enhance the level of community services, despite limited growth.


Flagstaff County Eco-Friendly Practices StudyApproved January 2012

The overall purpose of this study is to investigate current Flagstaff County practices and facilities for opportunities to cost-effectively improve their environmental footprint and develop a strategy for phased implementation.


Flagstaff County Air Quality Baseline Study – Approved October 2011

This report provides baseline air quality information that can be used as reference values for future studies.


Flagstaff County Fire Protection Review – Approved October 2009

The purpose of this review is to provide adequate information to assist Flagstaff County Council in making informed decisions on behalf of its citizens by reviewing its fire protection system and evaluating the data.


Flagstaff Regional Recreation Plan – Approved May 2011

This plan will help Council plan for future recreation in the Flagstaff Region.

November 2010_Public_Open_House_Workshops_Page_1

Public Open House Workshops (November 2010) – Action List Update

Help Shape the Future was the theme of these workshops. The County encourages the citizens of the Flagstaff Community to actively participate in shaping their future. By engaging in the public input process, you are helping us reach our vision of becoming a safe, caring and vibrant rural Community of communities committed to working with our neighbours to ensure the quality of life for all citizens.


Flagstaff Urban Rural Interdependencies Report – Approved October 2009

The purpose of the report is to explore the nature of interdependencies between towns or villages and surrounding areas from the perspective of economic, social, and environmental sustainability and to determine their impact on the well-being and prosperity of the Flagstaff Community.


Flagstaff County Partnerships & Services

Through strong political and administrative leadership, Flagstaff County is committed to working with the Towns and Villages to enhance existing partnerships; actively seek new collaborative opportunities; share resources; and build on each other’s expertise to provide programs and services that benefit the citizens of the “Community of communities.” This report identifies all the Partnerships and Services Flagstaff County is involved with.