Roadside Haying


Mowing grass and vegetation along all municipal right-of-ways is provided twice a year to improve visibility into the ditches, reduce snow trapping and help prevent wildlife collisions.

Flagstaff County has implemented a permit system for all landowners within the county wanting to hay municipal right-of-ways. All roads are intended to be mowed twice a year commencing June 1. The purpose of the permit system is to minimize conflict between the municipality and landowners who want to cut and bale hay along municipal right-of-ways.

Landowners must apply for a Roadside Haying Permit from Flagstaff County prior to May 15 of each year. All landowners permitted to hay municipal right-of-ways must have their haying completed before July 15 of each year. Permits are also available at the Flagstaff County Office.

**All permits are only valid for 1 year, annual renewal is required**

Click here to apply online for a Roadside Haying Permit.