Road Recovery/Rehabilitation Program


The Road Recovery/Rehabilitation Program focuses on rehabilitating a road structure, restoring drainage and disposing of any rocks and regrowth of trees and shrubs. This program is carried out by County resources and it includes the following maintenance procedures:

  • Shoulder Pulling: Is utilized on roads that are in excess of 10 metres wide. This program extends the life of the road and reduces maintenance costs. This program may include drainage improvements, culvert replacement, reshaping backslopes and sideslopes, re-compacting the sub-grade, re-establishing the road surface crown, including the road surface width that the road was originally constructed, and the disposal of any rocks or shrubs.
  • Sub-Grade Preparation: Is required on roads in which the sub-grade has lost its compaction. This maintenance procedure includes re-compacting the sub-grade and re-establishing the crown on the road surface. This maintenance process is applied to roads that are nine metres wide or less.

Both maintenance procedures incorporate Gravelock, a soil stabilization product, into the sub-grade to strengthen the sub-grade.

In 2021, a new stabilization product was tested. Perma-Zyme was used for a 1-mile section. The testing of Perma-Zyme on a 1-mile section will continue until 2024.

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