Multiple Load Road Use Agreements

Flagstaff County is to be advised of major hauls (more than 10 loads of 11,797 kgs or greater in a 24-hour period to or from the same location) by the same person or company. Permits for a Multiple Load Road Use Agreement (MLRUA) must be obtained through Roadata Services Ltd. at 1-888-730-3745. The agreement holder shall accept full responsibility for all damages to the road.

Agricultural producers are only required to obtain a Multiple Load Road Use Agreement from Spring Ban season to July 1st, the remainder of the year Agricultural producers are exempt to haul commodities. 

The Multiple Load Road Use Agreement shall be obtained through RoaData Services Ltd. at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to traveling on County roads. In addition to entering into a Multiple Load Road Use Agreement with the County, the person or company must also obtain a permit through RoaData Services Ltd. and it shall only be valid for the routes, vehicles and dates indicated.  

The County will undertake a pre and post inspection of the road (s) under this agreement to assess road conditions. An administration inspection fee of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) shall be charged to the permit holder. The pre and post inspection may be conducted in the presence of a representative of the Agreement Holder upon the Agreement Holder’s request.  

The agreement holder is required to supply dust control upon receiving a complaint regarding dust in front of any residence or location of concern along their haul route. MG 30, a dust suppressant or Water Truck will be utilized for a minimal distance of 200 meters in front of the residence or location of concern and will be maintained for the duration of the agreement by the agreement holder. Upon direction by Flagstaff County, additional MG 30 or a Water Truck may be required for the full route based on the traffic volume. This will be the responsibility of the agreement holder.

The County may apply conditions to the permit as deemed necessary to preserve the integrity of the route.  

All vehicles owned or operated by the person or company, for which the permit has been issued pursuant to this section, must have a copy of the permit in the cab of the vehicle and produce it to the Peace Officer or County employee upon demand.  

A person or company that has entered into a Multiple Load Road Use Agreement with the County must report any damages immediately to the County. 


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