Road Network System

Flagstaff County’s Road Network System is a logically well-connected and financially feasible system comprised of more than 1,600 miles of maintained road running throughout the county, which was forged from a study conducted in 2013 by an independent engineering firm. Council’s long-term vision helped drive the study and formed the concrete basis of the Road Network System plan, which is to accommodate agricultural and industrial traffic, providing an efficient and cost-effective arterial and collector road network that will act as a “feeder” system to the provincial highway network and the local communities within Flagstaff County. The intent of this system is to reduce the impact heavy truck traffic has on local roads.

The Road Network System is comprised of three (3) specific classifications of roads:

  • Arterial Roads
  • Collector Roads
  • Local Roads

For an updated map of the Road Network System, click HERE or click on the image below.

To determine road classification designations, criteria was established:

Arterial Roads

Generally, meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Traffic volumes in excess of 100 vehicles per day
  • Connects a town to another town
  • Connects a town to a provincial highway
  • Connects a town to an arterial road
  • Connects one provincial highway to another provincial highway
  • Connects traffic going to and from an industrial or surface resource to a provincial highway

Road specifications are:

  • 8-metre road width
  • Ban-free
  • The following is a list of the Arterial Roads:
Twp Rd 430 from SH 855 east to Rge Rd 11327.5 miles
Rge Rd 152 from Village of Forestburg south to Twp Rd 4105.5 miles
Rge Rd 124 from Twp Rd 460 south to Twp Rd 44210.0 miles
Twp Rd 410 from SH 855 east to the Battle River*40.5 miles
Twp Rd 450 from Hwy 36 east to SH 87013.0 miles
Rge Rd 123 from SH 608 south to SH 60210.0 miles
Rge Rd 114 from Village of Lougheed south to Twp Rd 4306.0 miles
Rge Rd 113 from Twp Rd 430 south to Twp Rd 4206.0 miles
Rge Rd 153 from Hwy 26 south to Hwy 1314.0 miles
Total Miles of Arterial Roads:132.5 miles

*Includes the ATCO Access Road (4.5 miles)

Collector Roads

Generally, meets one or more of the following:

  • Traffic volumes in excess of 50 vehicles per day
  • Connects an arterial road to another arterial road
  • Connects urban centers to the provincial highway system or arterial road
  • Connects recreational sites to a provincial highway or an arterial road

Road specifications are:

  • 8-metre road width
  • A gravel road

Local Roads

Generally, meets one or both of the following criteria:

  • Serves a local function and is not generally used for long distance travel
  • Low volume roads that generally serve only local traffic

Road specifications are:

  • 6 to 8-metre road width
  • A gravel surface road

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