Dust Suppressant


Strategic locations are targeted for dust suppressant application, which helps reduce the frequency of maintenance and improves safety while mitigating the nuisance of dust to residents and minimizing environmental impact.

Application forms for residential dust suppressant can be found below.

Click to view Dust Suppressant Policy PW 002.

The dust suppressant program consists of the following:

  • MG 30
  • Oil Surface Products
  • Test Products
  • Pavement

MG 30

MG 30 is a water-soluble dust suppressant product, which also has road surface stabilization characteristics that bind aggregate materials, increasing grade strength and thus keeping aggregate on the road. MG 30 has also proven to help reduce washboard, grader maintenance and the frequency for gravelling, thus extending the life of our gravel sources.

MG 30 will be applied to strategic locations to help reduce the frequency of maintenance; these locations include hills and at intersections. 

MG 30 will be available for residential dust controls at full cost recovery.

Residential Dust Suppressant

Updated information will be provided April 15, 2021.

Oiled Road Maintenance

In 2020, the oiled road inventory was reduced from approximately 12 miles to 5.7 miles. Roads identified to be removed from the oiled road inventory will be transitioned to a gravel surface road as they dehydrate. A maintenance program for patching, rip/relaying, seal coat application, snow plowing, and sanding is used to maintain a safe driving surface.

Roads remaining with an oil surface:

Specific roads are designated, in procedure, to be maintained with an oil surface treatment to help reduce the frequency of maintenance.

Rge Rd 151, north from Hwy 13 0.4 miles
Rge Rd 425A, south from Hwy 13 1.75 miles
Rge Rd 103, south from Twp Rd 425 1.0 mile
Twp Rd 442, east from Rge Rd 130 2.0 miles
Rge Rd 130, north of Hwy 13 0.2 miles

The oiled surface road, Twp Rd 442, east from SH 869 for 0.4375 miles will follow the same road ban posting as a gravel road.

*** Year-round road bans will remain on these roads. ***

50% in the spring, 75% in the summer and fall, and 90% in the winter.

Test Products

Annually new dust suppressant products are tested to determine whether they are effective, affordable, and environmentally suitable.

In 2019, a test product called Formula 35 was applied to Twp Rd 442:

  • For 3.0 miles, from Rge Rd 170 to Rge Rd 163, at an application rate of 1.5 L/m2.

Formula 35 is a calcium chloride product with a corrosion inhibiter that is sold by the manufacturer as an equivalent to MG 30.

Products that have been tested, evaluated, and have been eliminated are: 

  • No Dust Enviro
  • No Dust
  • Dust Lynx
  • Canola Oil
  • Durasoil
  • Earth Glue
  • Magnesium Chloride

Flagstaff County continues to consult with industry and municipalities to seek out new and alternative products. We also continue to perform testing on new dust suppressant products in search of solutions.


The following roadways are designated pavement roads:

ATCO Power Plant Road Twp Rd 410 to ATCO Power Plant 1.75 miles
County Airport Road Rge Rd 131, north of Hwy 13 0.75 miles
Galahad Access Road Twp Rd 412, west of Hwy 36 4.0 miles


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