Bylaws, Policies, and Related Documents

Hierarchy of Plans

MGA Section 638 states that all statutory plans adopted by a municipality must be consistent with each other.

If a conflict or inconsistency between statutory plans is found:

  • An intermunicipal development plan will prevail over a municipal development plan, area structure plan or area redevelopment plan; and
  • A municipal development plan will prevail over an area structure plan or area redevelopment plan.

Intermunicipal Development Plans

Municipal Development Plan

Area Structure Plans

Land Use Bylaw

Policies and Bylaws related to planning, subdivision, and development

Below is a listing of all Flagstaff County Policies which are taken into consideration, where applicable, in land use planning or development decisions. The policies are used in conjunction with the statutory plans adopted by Flagstaff County, including, but not limited to: Intermunicipal Development Plans, Municipal Development Plan, Area Structure Plans, Land Use Bylaw, and Development Standards.

Land Use Bylaw 01/23

Bylaw 01/23 Land Use Bylaw is a regulatory document that implements the land use policy and regulates the use of land and buildings within the County. Land Use Bylaw 01/23 was adopted by County Council on February 8, 2023.

A printed copy of the Land Use Bylaw can be obtained from the County Office (for $20.00 + GST) or printed from this webpage.

A Land Use Bylaw can be amended from time to time by Council, or through an application for amendment from a landowner. The copy of Bylaw 09/18 above, includes any amendments to date. If you want original copies of the bylaw or the amending bylaws contact the Planning Department.

Questions concerning any amendments to Land Use Bylaw 09/18, or the application or interpretation of Land Use Bylaw 01/23 should be directed to the Planning & Development Department.

Guide to Using the Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw establishes the regulations on how land can be developed (that is, how land can be used, and buildings can be either constructed or moved in) in Flagstaff County. Regulations vary depending on the location and types of development. Other bylaws or regulations of the County, Provincial Government, or Federal Government must also be followed.

There are several parts of the Land Use Bylaw that need to be examined to understand how it works.  Firstly, the Land Use Bylaw maps divide the County into various Land Use Districts. Secondly, the text of the Land Use Bylaw details the uses that are allowed in each District. Thirdly, the text provides additional regulations that apply to certain uses or certain Districts. The following steps may assist the user:

Locate the subject property on the Land Use District maps. These maps divide the County into various Land Use Districts. Take note of which Land Use District the subject property is located in. Also note if the subject property is affected by an Area Structure Plan which may modify some of the uses and regulations of the Land Use Bylaw or impose additional regulations. PLEASE NOTE: Land Use Districts are often referred to as “Zones” or “Zoning.” In order to conform to the language of the Municipal Government Act, this document uses the terms “District” and “Districting.”

Check the table of contents and locate the Land Use District you are interested in. Each Land Use District is listed starting in Section 9. In each Land Use District, you will find a list of permitted and discretionary uses, subdivision regulations, development regulations and other miscellaneous regulations. This determines how and what can be developed in any given Land Use District. There are definitions in Section 1 that should also be consulted to ensure that words and terms used in the Land Use Bylaw are understood.

Review the table of contents to see if there are any general regulations that apply to the situation or use in question. For example, Section 5 describes the Enforcement Procedure. Section 7 contains general regulations about Corner & Double Fronting Lots and Site Grading & Drainage, just to name a few.

Discuss your proposal or concern with Planning and Development staff. County staff are well trained and eager to assist you with your development, subdivision or general inquiry issues and to explain procedures. They can also assist with other situations such as enforcement or a Land Use Bylaw amendment.

Municipal Development Plan Bylaw 10/18

The Flagstaff County Municipal Development Plan (MDP) was adopted by County Council on September 26, 2018. It establishes a clear 25-year vision for land use and development, and a policy framework for implementing the community’s vision for land use and land management.

The MDP represents the “big picture” concerning the direction and management of growth and sets overall policy direction for land use activities within our communities, and all planning documents and strategies. It is designed and intended to be read and used in a comprehensive manner. Sections and policies are closely connected to each other, and need to be read in context and not in isolation from one another.

In addition to the Municipal Development Plan, Flagstaff County has one Area Structure Plan in place. This Area Structure Plan is adopted by Council and, like the Municipal Development Plan, establishes land use policies for a specific area in the County.