Building, Plumbing, Gas, Electrical and Private Sewage Permits

Once you have received your approved Development Permit from Flagstaff County, you may require building, plumbing, gas, electrical and possibly private sewage permits. These permits ensure that your construction is done in accordance with Provincial codes and the Safety Codes Act.

Building without the proper permits and inspections could lead to costly repairs in the future. Permits must be obtained for the construction or renovation of all residences, including mobile homes.

Building permits are also required for any building to be used for non-farm purposes (industrial, commercial) and also to ensure that all construction meets the Building Code.

Superior Safety Codes Inc. is an accredited agency authorized by Alberta Municipal Affairs that is accountable to issue the above permits for this County. Permits are available at the Flagstaff County office or on line at

There are six Superior Safety Codes offices in Alberta. The following Red Deer location is the office that provides services to Flagstaff County:

Superior Safety Codes Inc.
#3, 626-67A Street
Red Deer, AB  T4P 3E8
Phone: 1-888-358-5545
Fax: 1-403-358-5085

  • Submit two (2) copies of your building plans for this approval.
  • A Plans Review will be done prior to the issuance of the Building Permit and site inspections will be done thereafter as required.

Permit Application Forms and Information Sheets

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