Social Enterprise Support Program

The Social Enterprise Support Program (SESP) has been created to support the social enterprise sector within Flagstaff County in becoming a key contributor to the on-going economic transition and diversification, through the creation of jobs, and their socioeconomic contributions. It is an initiative aimed at supporting business retention and expansion in Flagstaff County, particularly within those businesses that seek to support and further a greater social cause. The program aims to improve the efficiency of socioeconomic impacts of organizations and initiatives, thereby maximizing the impact (social and economic) that organizations create for Flagstaff County.

The Social Enterprise Support Program consists of 6 interconnected phases with distinct budgets.

The Social Enterprise Support Program has been created to support the Flagstaff Region in its desire to achieve the ultimate outcome of:

Enhancing the social and economic well-being of Flagstaff County by fostering the growth and sustainability of social enterprises in the region, leading to increased job creation, economic diversification, and a positive impact on the local community.

Through the delivery of the Social Enterprise Support Program, Flagstaff County seeks to accomplish the following objectives:

1.) Improve the sustainability of social enterprise in the region.

2.) Increase the socio-economic benefits of social enterprises.

For more information on how the Social Enterprise Support Program can help support your business, please contact Jenalee Waring – Economic Development Officer at 780-384-4152 or email