Jessica Janzen

Embark on a transformative journey with Jessica Janzen, a motivational speaker, business coach, and resilient entrepreneur, as your one-on-one coach. This exclusive coaching program offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to elevate your business and personal growth. Valued at $500, these dynamic 1-hour sessions are tailored to empower the Flagstaff Region Business Community and are offered at an exceptional rate of only $75 + Eventbrite admin fee + GST.

Meet Your Expert: Hi, I am Jessica. I am a wife, mama, keynote speaker, author, coach and co-founder of The Love for Lewiston Foundation. Behind the all titles is a helper who wants you to unlock your most resilient, free self and experience more success and joy than you ever dreamt possible. We often wait for our world to completely crumble before we are willing to do the work for the life we dream of. I am passionate about not waiting for those life-alternating moments like I did to get unstuck and moving forward with momentum to live the life you only dream of..

What to Expect: Immerse yourself in a 1-hour Zoom session where Jessica will guide you through strategic business coaching tailored to your needs. Each session includes:

  • A recap and recording, ensuring you retain valuable insights.
  • Experience post-session support through Voxer for two weeks, providing additional clarity and guidance.

How It Works: Engage in virtual sessions from the comfort of your space, with a Flagstaff-specific booking link on Calendly for seamless scheduling. Jessica Janzen, the master of getting unstuck, will empower you to overcome obstacles and bring joy to your entrepreneurial journey.

Goals: Navigate mental health and burnout, unlocking your fullest potential. Jessica’s Roadmap for Resiliency will empower leaders, teams, and individuals, fostering personal and professional success.

Why Choose Jessica Janzen: Jessica’s remarkable journey from adversity to triumph, coupled with her advocacy work, uniquely positions her as a catalyst for change. With over 15 years in the corporate world in leadership roles in both sales and marketing and now 7 years as a business owner herself, Jessica knows what it takes to navigate the challenges and find your rhythm to thrive.  With a proven ability to break barriers and bring joy to any situation, Jessica is your partner in achieving lasting impact.

Ready to Book: Invest in your growth and success! Book now and let Jessica guide you toward resilience, joy, and business excellence!