Business Support Program

The Business Supports Program (BSP) is an initiative aimed at supporting business retention and expansion in the Flagstaff Region. The BSP is a tailored support programthat provides businesses with access to professional supports and funding (ex. Strategy support, marketing and sales, accounting & finance, human resources, operations, studies, training, etc.). While the program has clear methodology and structure it has been designed to ensure a client centric and needs based approach is taken.

BSP Goals and Objectives

The BSP has been created to support the Flagstaff Region in its desire to achieve the ultimate outcome of:

Supporting business retention and expansion in the Flagstaff Region and fostering economic growth, sustainability, and resilience by providing targeted and comprehensive supports to local businesses.

Through the delivery of the BSP, Flagstaff County seeks to accomplish the following:

1.) Assist the region with the diversification and strengthening of their local economy.

2.) Support Businesses that wish to grow.

3.) Support local businesses that are ready to be supported and succeed.

4.) Support local businesses that need support to remain viable.

Funding & Matching Contributions

The BSP consists of 6 interconnected phases with distinct budgets:

Business Support Program Funding: $5,000 | Matching 20% Portion from Client: $1,000

For more information on how the Business Support Program can help support your business, please contact Shaina Dunn – Economic Development Coordinator at 780-384-4151 or email