Flagstaff County: Heritage Inventory Project

Heritage Designations help protect buildings, such as barns, and sites from deterioration. For information on Heritage Designations and other heritage sites in Flagstaff County, please visit Flagstaff County’s website:

Paul Harvey and a Heritage Barn

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Ben Kecyra: Ancient Wonders Captured in 3D

Ancient monuments give us clues to astonishing past civilizations — but they’re under threat from pollution, war, neglect. Ben Kacyra, who invented a groundbreaking 3D scanning system, is using his invention to scan and preserve the world’s heritage in archival detail.

Think of the connections between the ancient monuments mentioned in this video and the heritage present in Flagstaff County.

10 Ways to Save Your Historic Barn

10 Ways to Save Your Historic Barn is an article written by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Why Are Barns Red?

An article with a few suggestions on the history of red barns.

More On Barns and Heritage

National Barn Alliance

The National Barn Alliance is a not-for-profit organization that coordinates efforts to preserve America’s barns, through the sharing of information of barns, documentation through surveys and photographs, and establishment of preservation organizations and programs.

The Barn Journal

The National Barn Alliance’s blog, The Barn Journal, is the work of Past President, Charles Leik, and the website he started in 1996. Charles communicated with a number of barn owners around the country and compiled their stories for all to enjoy. The site continues to feature a number of topics related to saving old barns and is known to many in the preservation community as a valuable resource. It provides general information about barns and farm architecture, along with photographs, stories, and other resources.

Edmonton Architectural Heritage

The Edmonton Historical Board (EHB) is an advisory board to City Council. It advises City Council on historical issues and heritage policy, liaises with community groups involved with heritage issues, and works to educate citizens on the history of Edmonton. As well, the Board has a mandate to encourage, promote and advocate for the preservation and safeguarding of historical properties, resources, communities, and documentary heritage.

Heritage Forward!

Heritage Forward! is a new start up group that intends to raise awareness and implement actions to ensure that Edmonton’s heritage buildings are valued in our community. Heritage Forward! strives to broaden conversations about the state of historical resources and urban heritage character in our evolving city by bringing together diverse interests and voices.

Alberta Genealogical Society

The Alberta Genealogical Society can help you find information regarding your family’s past through the use of Alberta’s historical books and homestead listings. Many districts and towns created local history books for the last century and a half. This website has a PDF version of the “Alberta Histories” directory and a search bar which will search the database of books for any keywords. The search system is still in development but may be helpful to some in its current state. If not, the PDF allows you to search for history books for your desired locale within Alberta. Additionally, land records can be found through their “Alberta Homestead Index”.