“Heritage Books of Flagstaff: Volume 1” Coffee Table Book

In August of 2017, “Heritage Barns of Flagstaff: Volume I”, a full-colour hard-cover book, was published and features nearly two dozen barns from the online database. On June 1st, 2018, a book launch was held in Edmonton at Peter Lougheed Hall on the University of Alberta campus in partnership with the Peter Lougheed Leadership College. This book launch helped bring “Heritage Barns of Flagstaff” to members of the University of Alberta, City of Edmonton, and Province of Alberta.

This volume is currently being sold at the Flagstaff County office. To order, please contact Jenalee Waring at (780) 384-4152 or Flagstaff County at (780) 384-4100.

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Books may also be viewed at your local Flagstaff Region Parkland Library

“Heritage Barns of Flagstaff: Volume 2” Coffee Table Book

Large red walled barn in the background with green grass in the foreground

The second volume was printed in November of 2019 and is also available for purchase at the County office.

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