Water Loading Stations

Flagstaff County offers seven water loading stations within the municipality. The water at these stations is not treated and is therefore non-potable. These wells contain levels of arsenic over the guidelines for livestock watering, however the water is suitable for crop spraying and irrigation purposes.

A loonie will yield approximately 150 gallons, while a toonie will get you double that.

The following five stations operate year-round.

  • NE 11-44-11-W4 (northeast Lougheed)
  • SE 27-41-16-W4 (southwest of Forestburg)
  • SW 10-45-16-W4 (Daysland)
  • SE 2-43-13-W4 (southwest of Sedgewick)
  • NE 3-44-14-W4 (southwest of Killam)

The following two stations operate on a seasonal basis, typically from April to October:

  • NE 8-41-12-W4 (northeast of Alliance)
  • SW 27-41-10-W4 (south of Hardisty)

For water test results, click HERE.