Pest Control Products

Flagstaff County offers the following options to assist residents in the control of Richardson’s ground squirrels.


RoCon is a poison-free rodenticide registered by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency for the control of Richardson’s ground squirrels and Norway rats.

  • Kit (includes pump, nozzle, 24 cones and four jugs of mustard seed foam) – $826 + GST
  • Pump – $385 + GST
  • Nozzle – $60 + GST
  • 24 cones – $156 + GST
  • Mustard seed foam – $56.25 + GST/jug

Traps for Purchase

  • Richardson Ground Squirrel Traps – $30 + GST per trap
  • Pocket Gopher Traps – $13.50 + GST per trap.

Traps for Rent

  • Skunk Trap – $75 refundable deposit upon return
  • Magpie Trap – $75 refundable deposit upon return
  • Raccoon Trap – $75 refundable deposit upon return

Traps are available at the Flagstaff County office located at 12435 Twp Rd 442 in Sedgewick. Each trap is available for one month. Residents who keep the trap for longer than one month will be charged the $75.00 deposit.

Weevil-Cide (aluminum phosphide tablets)

To purchase Weevil-Cide, you must have:

  • A Farmer’s Pesticide Certificate with Pest Control in Stored Grain or Exterior Rodent Control endorsements;
  • Or hold an Applicator’s Certificate with Rodenticide endorsement.

Cost-recovery pricing is $85.88/canister. Each canister contains 500 tablets.

An agreement form must be completed before purchasing and picking up.

Click HERE for an electronic form.

Please call Agricultural Fieldman Nick Dunn at 780-390-0342 for more information on any of these options.