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Rotating Farmers Market

Would love to support a large Farmers Market that rotated between Daysland, Killam, Heisler and Sedgewick each week. Close down part of Main Street and showcase all our very talented bakers, farmers, crafters, artists and talent. Have a small area for musicians, some food vendors, etc. The small fee for the vendor booth fees can be divided at the end of summer and a portion to each town to a charity of their choice.

4 thoughts on “Rotating Farmers Market

  1. I would love if it would come to Lougheed as well, it would give locals a chance to purchase without driving out of town!

  2. I like this idea , such a smart thing for people to share their ideas , sell and socialize , especially if you don’t wanna travel.

  3. Love it! Especially for those that don’t drive and stay in their small towns but want to support small businesses

  4. This would be great, a chance to connect with local producers. We moved here 2 years ago and miss this kind of event. The last town we lived in had a farmer’s market combined with flea market that was open every weekend.

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