Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are a combination of spatial data and computer programs. Any variety of maps can be created with a GIS by combining data with aerial photos. The GIS can determine relationships within data sets and also how it relates to other data sets. The relationships can show categories or spatial patterns, which can be interpreted to create useful knowledge.

Flagstaff County uses GIS systems for land use planning, public works project management, farmland assessment, rural addressing, inventorying of county property and infrastructure, and fleet tracking.

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Flagstaff County Webmap

Flagstaff County Webmap is an interactive GIS provided as a service to our ratepayers. Webmap was designed to run on Internet Explorer. The first time a computer runs Webmap, it will require an Adobe SVG plugin. While all tools and features have been designed to be intuitive, there is a help button on the bottom of the toolbar for instructions.

Disclaimer: Flagstaff County shall not be held responsible for any errors or omissions. There shall be no use of data for commercial profit by any way, shape or form, without prior written consent from Flagstaff County. Data is provided to the general public as general information.

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Munisight Video Collection

munisight vehicleFlagstaff County retained Accurate Assessment Group Ltd. to drive the roads in the municipality in both directions.

VDC provides safe capture and a cost-efficient view of the municipality's road and roadside assets to enhance the Geographical Information System (GIS).

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