diplomat trout pond

Location: East side of Hwy 855, across from the Diplomat Mine Interpretive Site. Approximately 16 km from Forestburg.
Sites: 15 non-serviced sites.

What it has to offer: The Trout Pond is home to many wildlife and plant species and can be seen from the nature trail or lakeside gazebo.

The Diplomat Trout Pond has been stocked annually with rainbow trout since 1980.

The pond has also been stocked annually with tiger trout since 2018, providing a new diverse fishing opportunity for anglers that fish at this location.

As for other fish species, there have been confirmed findings of only fathead minnows. There have been no reports of Prussian carp or goldfish in Diplomat Pond reported to the Department or to local fisheries biologists.

* Camping is available on a first-come, first-served basis, with no reservations allowed. Campers are only permitted to stay a maximum of 10 nights.