2017 Municipal Election Information

Voters in Flagstaff County and municipalities across Alberta will go to the polls on Monday, October 16, 2017.      …

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Country Roots Tour features dandelion farm

joeThere’s a sign welcoming visitors to John and Irene Feddema’s farm that cheekily reads: “Knock twice ... If no answer ... pull weeds!”

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Beetles making inroads in war on leafy spurge

fleabeetlesThere’s a beetle invasion taking place on two Hardisty-area farms.

But not to worry. It’s all part of an innovative weed control program that Flagstaff County’s Agricultural Services department is spearheading in p...

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Field surveys set to resume

clubrootBeginning at the end of this month, ASB staff will be conducting random grasshopper and clubroot surveys across Flagstaff County.

Approximately 50 fields will be surveyed for grasshoppers and 200 fields will be checked for clubroot.

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Judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind.

NOTHING…. so beautiful as the big spaces. Steering wheel hand-wavers…salt of the earth folks that are rock of civility. Nothing so beautiful as the empty…in prairie thunderstorm’s electrified sky….in the dance of sun-kissed canola in a breeze. Things resilient in the tug of war with life made complex in a hectic society. In oil and gas, agriculture, and land-based recreation activity that feels free, lies the ingredients for life authentically lived. We are rooted in land and people…seeking simplicity amidst the complexity of life. Flagstaff – full of classics.