Flagstaff County invites bids for the following: 

Used Graders

1. 2017 Caterpillar 14M Motor Grader – Ser. #: CAT0014MJR9J01844. Comes with 16’ moldboard, rear ripper, front push block, 20.5 R25 XHA tires and blade lift accumulators. Current hours: 4,290. Estimated hours as of February 15th, 2022: 4,325.

cat 1

cat 2

cat 3

cat 4

2. 2017 John Deere 872GP AWD Motor Grader – Ser. #: 1DW872GPCGD678220. Comes with 16’ moldboard, 17.5R25 Snow Plus tires, and blade lift accumulators. Snow wing, front dozer and lift group are not included in sale. Current hours: 6,893. Estimated hours as of February 15th, 2022: 7,200.

deere 1

deere 2

deere 3

deere 4

• These graders can be viewed at the County Shop in Sedgewick and will be sold on an “as is basis.” Kilometres/hours of operation may vary slightly at time of sale.

• If using the bid sheet (available HERE or contact our Administration Office at 780-384-4123), please note the serial number of the grader that you are bidding on. If you are not using the bid sheet, please ensure your bid contains the following information:
     o Item
     o Serial number
     o Bid amount (excluding GST)
     o Name
     o Complete address
     o Phone number and email address
     o Signature

• Please send bids in a sealed envelope marked “USED GRADERS” to Flagstaff County Administration Office, Box 358, 12435 Twp Rd 442, Sedgewick, AB.

• Closing date for bidding on items is Monday, January 17, 2021 at 11:00:00 a.m. MST. The highest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted.

For further information, please contact: Kevin Kinzer, Shop Supervisor, at 780-390-0312.

Watch the Tender Opening

To watch the tender opening live at 11:00 a.m. on Monday, January 17, 2022, please click HERE.