The Flagstaff County Cemeteries Assistance Grant Program provides funding to eligible cemeteries in the amount of $625 annually.

To be considered eligible for cemetery funding, the applicant shall:

  • Be a public cemetery within Flagstaff County;
  • Be a registered non-profit organization or society under the Societies Act or the
    Cemeteries Act.

Flagstaff County will confirm eligibility with cemeteries every four (4) years.

All eligible applicants who have previously received funding from this program since its commencement in 2011 will automatically be provided with $625 annually. Any other eligible cemetery group which has not previously received funding under this program may submit an application.

Eligible expenses under this grant include:

  • Operating expenses such as grass cutting and general maintenance.
  • Capital expenses including plot surveys, ground improvements, fencing, signage, etc.


Click HERE to view the Flagstaff County Cemeteries Assistance Grant Guidelines.


Click HERE for the application form.

Please mail, email or fax the completed application forms to:

Flagstaff County Cemeteries Assistance Grant
Flagstaff County
Box 358
Sedgewick, AB T0B 4C0
Fax: 780-384-3635