Tale of two logos

Flagstaff County uses two logos: the Flagstaff County Corporate logo and the Flagstaff Region Brand logo.

flagstaffcorporateThe Flagstaff County Corporate logo prominently features the two primary industries. A sheaf of wheat represents the long-dependable agricultural base, while a silhouetted pump jack symbolizes the strong oil and gas sector. This logo was established in 1998, a year after the County opted to change its name from County of Flagstaff No. 29 and then subsequently held a contest to create a new County crest. This logo is used to market the image and services of the municipality.

flagstaffregionMeanwhile, the Flagstaff Region Brand logo features carefree and simple paint strokes that represent the ‘free’ feeling of wide open prairie skies. The long brush stroke represents vast open space. The large upper stroke represents wide open skies. Combined, the effect is loosely that of a “flag” waving in the breeze. The logo was established in 2015 in consultation with Twist Marketing and the Flagstaff Region communities, businesses and residents. The Flagstaff Region Brand logo differentiates the Flagstaff Region from other municipalities within East Central Alberta for the purpose of marketing and communications related to economic development and tourism both inside and outside of the Flagstaff Region.

To ensure consistency in promoting these images, permission is required to utilize either logo for any use outside of this organization.