Heritage Barns Project

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Flagstaff County has taken inventory of a valuable part of the region’s rich heritage: its barns.

Over the summers of 2016, 2017 and 2018, university student Sydney Hampshire spearheaded this important project to help bolster the understanding and appreciation of rural agricultural history right here in Flagstaff County.

Hampshire gathered information on the locations of barns throughout the county, visiting them, photographing them, interviewing the property owners and posting all relevant information to an online database to be preserved for future generations.

Hampshire documented more than 60 barns within Flagstaff County.

If you haven’t already done so, check out the Barns of Flagstaff County website.  

Heritage Barns of Flagstaff books

heritage barns of flagstaff

barn book 2 copy

Discover a valuable piece of the Flagstaff Region’s rich agricultural heritage with our two full-colour, coffee-table books!

“Heritage Barns of Flagstaff: Volume I” features nearly two dozen barns from our online database at:

“Heritage Barns of Flagstaff: Volume II” is the follow-up to the popular first volume.

Both volumes are available through the Flagstaff County office. Volume II is $40 per copy, while Volume I is $35 per copy. (Not including the cost of shipping and handling.) Call 780-384-4100 to order your copies today!

In the news

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