Help us preserve the integrity of County roads

webroad copyIf you are hauling more than 10 loads of 11,797 kg or greater in a 24-hour period to or from the same location within Flagstaff County, then you are required to enter into a Multiple Load Road Use Agreement (MLRUA) with Flagstaff County.

This agreement, which must be obtained at least 48 hours in advance, provides notification of the proposed route, allowing Public Works staff to conduct a pre- and post-haul inspection of the roads. An administration inspection fee of $250 will be charged to the agreement holder. The agreement holder also accepts full responsibility for all damages to the roads.

This applies to the following: energy or oil/gas industry, agriculture industry and private trucking companies.

In addition to entering into an MLRUA with the County, a permit is also required through Roadata Services Ltd., at 1-888-730-3745.

For more information on this policy, please call the Flagstaff County office at 780-384-4100.