Regional Collaboration

Adventure Guide

A digital Flagstaff Adventure Guide to highlight what each town has to offer. From hiking trails, to shopping, restaurants, camping, recreation, golfing, library, 4H clubs, other programs. This can then provide where to get further information on details.

Community Playground Upgrades

A lot of playgrounds in our communities have started to show their age and have safety concerns. Sometimes, there are community groups that will band together to fundraise a replacement – sometimes there aren’t!

A joint effort to apply for a large federal grant for aging playgrounds in collaborative communities could be a giant step to get the towns/villages to work together to fix this aging infrastructure! Sometimes all it takes is a step in the right direction to get towns/villages to step up on behalf of their communities and get the old equipment torn out – and safer replacements in their place.

Perhaps while working with a playground company – since lots of equipment can be ordered at the same time, bulk rates/lower prices can even be obtained benefiting anyone involved!

Long Lunch

It is an event where the main street of a town is blocked off and a line of picnic tables are set out. Each attendee would pay a fee for a plate and the entire community sits together for a meal. 

A County Events Publication

Based on some of the suggestions made, perhaps the County could compile an Events Calendar showcasing the events and festivities the towns already have with a general description of each. Amenities, facilities, available programs, etc. should also be included. People may realize that some of the things they are looking for are already being done but they are just not aware if them. Hard copy as well as Facebook versions should be made available along with any and all links to events listed.