Program / Service Idea – Club Registration Night(s)

Good morning. Would you ever consider having a community registration night (or 2) in the fall and/or spring? We are new to the community (moving to Killam in Dec 2022) and are still having a VERY HARD Time finding information on recreation programing in the Flagstaff county. We have tried google searches, facebook, paper archives and still can not locate the information. For example – Jr. Curling in Sedgewick – there is a phone number only with no other info. I have tried emailing some of the provided emails for clubs and don’t get replies. My husband and I would interested in helping organize if required. Thank you for your consideration.

Registration Night

I think it would be good if the county put on a registraion / information night once or twice a year in a central location or 2 locations throughout the county so that everyone can see what groups and annual events are offered here.  This would include sports groups, volunteer organizations, large annual fundraising events, local attractions.