Annual Fall Festival

An annual Fall Festival hosted by a community annually. It could include a market for local makers, bakers & creators of all kinds. Local restaurants could have fall-themed foods & beverages. If you hit them all you could be entered for some kind of community gift card or gift basket. The local businesses could put out scarecrows and/or have windows painted festively. Different groups could each put out a booth with fair-like games & activities.

Event For Special Needs Children

A weekend set up specifically for special needs children. A movie night, activities, food vendors, etc., that is geared towards kids who might not do well during other activities going on. For example, Killam parade weekend is great but over stimulating for autistic kids. The Discover Aviation program is great, but a day specifically for kiddos that might need extra time and space so they can feel comfortable.

County Fair

As we move forward, should or could we be looking at more County-wide events? Eg. in the U.S. they have state fairs, etc.