Community Showcase

Fly in and food truck challenge at Flagstaff Regional Airport

Iron Creek Flying Club has considered the idea of having a fly in similar to the “Camrose Fly In Breakfast” but with a food truck challenge folded into the mix.

This would allow the locals to view aircraft from throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan as well to showcase the airport to the county residents as it has an extremely positive reputation in the aviation community.

With food trucks gaining popularity, what better way to feed everyone than to incorporate a food truck competition. Those who manage to have the most popular dish win bragging rights as well as a possible prize and some media coverage from our local press.

Food truck festival

Food trucks gather to display their delicious offerings in a common ground where people can mingle and listen to some music (live band or DJ) while supporting local food truck companies.

Flagstaff Community Show

fire department. Police department involving the kids.

farm safety,4H to run a petting zoo and calves in pens.

could be at airport for parking space. Involve flying club to show kids planes.

Old car, motor bike show, career stand for country kids to stay in flagstaff.

food area and please, please, enough toilets!!! 

Just an idea to mull over and discuss. Hope it helps in some small way. Thank you for asking.

Community show

could I add someone from industry. Elevator mock up, guy telling how it works.demo from

local honey producer , environmental, importance of wildlife corridors, fish and wildlife.

 Vet, tractor dealer with static machinery for kids to sit on.

Just some random ideas. Thanks for listening.