Community Help

Lending Cupboard

A place people could go and sign out supplies needed (like a library) but it had playpens, high chairs, baby swings, toys for different age groups, etc. So a grandparent could sign out equipment if grand babies were visiting. Could also include different power or garden tools, medical equipment like crutches, kitchen gadgets etc., depending on community needs.

Helping Hand Network

In case of challenging situations like power grid failure, communication going down (cyber attack or other) food shortages etc…we could create a helping hand network within the County and within the villages.
1- What have the villages to offer: heated rooms (alternative heat) –   food – community centre for daily communication and updates
2- What have the people to offer: alternative heat (woodstoves etc..) canned food to share etc and how can we create a little reference booklet for all with available ressources (from private citizens and village) supporting us all.
3 – How could the county help to take off this project and how could we integrate it with current or future events (fairs etc) so it reaches everybody.
4 – We may also use only Flagstaff Bucks in a near future so we can survive anything together in our county and inspire more.