Taxes & Utilities


All outstanding taxes must be paid to the County. 

Residents of Galahad and Strome are subject to Flagstaff County's property tax rates in addition to any local improvement levies or special taxes imposed by the county on Galahad and Strome properties.

For the most current Mill Rate click here to visit the County's Taxation page.


Waste Management (Garbage) Services

No changes are anticipated to Galahad and Strome's waste management services. As the county is a member of the Flagstaff Regional Solid Waste Management Association, waste management services will continue to be provided through the regional waste association.

Utility fees for waste management services may increase in order to account for full cost of providing waste pick up services to businesses and residents in the hamlets, and to ensure that sufficient money is set aside in a reserve fund to pay for the former villages' and/or county's share of the landfill's post-closure liability.

Utility Rates

The new utility bylaw (Bylaw 02-18 – Utilities Bylaw) for hamlets was approved by Flagstaff County Council.

The principle of ‘cost-recovery accounting’ was applied to determine the rates for water, sewer and garbage services. These rates reflect the costs of providing a safe drinking water system and the cost of the solid waste collection requisition. The application of this principle results in an overall utility increase of approximately 50%. An infrastructure fee for water ($26 monthly) and for sewer ($22 monthly) will apply to all accounts, regardless of whether water services have been disconnected. The consumption charge for water consumed in excess of the monthly base rate of 20 cubic metres will be $2 per cubic metre. (Please refer to the 2019 Fees and Charges Schedule.)

Utility/Tax Payments

Payments can be made to Flagstaff County by mail, online, or in person at the County office.

Flagstaff County accepts online payments from the following financial institutions: Credit Union, ATB, BMO, e-transfer, tele-pay

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions.