What is a brand? 

A brand is everything you say, do, and how you are perceived.

 A successful municipal brand must identify a strategic vision, consistent messaging for targeted audiences and work to create a connection with people, locally and beyond your municipal boundaries.  

Exceptional municipal brands are creative and stand out in a world drowning in all the advertising and marketing ‘noise’ we see everyday. 

What’s the Flagstaff Region Brand? 

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The new Flagstaff Region Brand is the work horse to achieve our ambitious strategic objectives: 

  1. Stem rural population decline by attracting working age families.
  2. Undertake “Community of communities” collaborative initiatives.
  3. Pursue niche economic development opportunities that produce quality jobs 

We want to attract investors and visitors but we need to attract working age population with families who will stabilize the projected decline to the total regional population.  

A Marketing Campaign

Our campaign is about nothing…

“Nothing … So big as the open spaces.” 

“Nothing … is everything .. felt more deeply.” 

“Nothing … So Beautiful.” 

“Stop at Nothing.”