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On average, 150,000 tonnes of gravel is required annually for the following programs: re-gravel, road construction, road recovery, spot patching, washouts, approaches, road repairs etc. Typically gravel roads are re-graveled on a five (5) year cycle, which equates to 284 miles (includes 12 mile contingency) annually; however, other factors such as “Average Annual Daily Traffic, types of vehicles, road designation, etc., influence cycle times. Within the re-gravel program, all 8-metre wide roads are graveled at 330 tonnes per mile.  Narrower road widths are graveled at a reduced rate: seven (7) metre roads are graveled at 290 tonnes per mile and six (6) metre roads at 246 tonnes per mile. The loading and hauling of aggregate materials for the gravel program is performed by in-house resources utilizing four (4) gravel trucks with two gravel trucks designated for spot patching on gravel roads throughout the County.

Gravel Production

Gravel production (crushing) replenishes our supply of gravel and ensures inventory levels are adequate to support our programs. Crushing projects are tendered to ensure a competitive price is obtained. All gravel is crushed to a required specification and quality controls are completed by in-house personnel.

One (1) gravel pit is owned by the County:

  • Hinkey Pit (NW 17-44-09)

Five (5) gravel pits are currently leased and managed by the County:

  • Mazure Pit (NE 16-43-09)
  • Hillaby Pit (SW 13-45-19)
  • Golka Pit (NW 01-42-10)
  • Skori Pit (NE 08-46-11)
  • Skori Pit (N 1/2 09-46-11)

Two (2) stockpile sites are obtained by tendering for the supply, crush and stockpile of aggregates:

  • McNabb Stockpile (SE 34-41-17)
  • McDonald Stockpile (NW 14-45-19)

Three (3) interim stockpile sites are utilized to increase efficiencies for the summer gravel haul program:

  • Pyra Stockpile (NW 32-45-13)
  • Daysland Stockpile (SE 13-45-17)
  • Sedgewick Stockpile (NE 05-44-12)

Five-Year Gravel Plan

CR-01-2023Northeast Area50,000 tonnes
CR-01-2023 (haul & stockpile)Pyra Stockpile
CR-02-2023East Area80,000 tonnes
CR-02-2023 (pit preparation)East Area
CR-01-2024West Area50,000 tonnes
CR-01-2025West Area50,000 tonnes
CR-01-2026 (pit preparation)Hinkey Pit
CR-01-2026Hinkey Pit50,000 tonnes
CR-01-2027Northeast Area50,000 tonnes

Gravel Reclamation

The County is responsible for reclamation at the one (1) gravel pit that they own and the six (6) gravel pits that they manage and lease. Reclamation is performed in accordance with a plan approved by Alberta Environment. In-house equipment is utilized in the spring and fall for the purpose of stripping overburden and reclaiming previously mined areas.

Gravel Exploration

In an effort to secure a long-term gravel supply, we are continually seeking potential gravel sources.

Landowners continue to provide information of possible gravel sources which are also analyzed for quality and quantity. As potential gravel sources are identified, a Gravel Testing Agreement is acquired prior to the commencement of exploration.

Gravel exploration is conducted annually to ensure that future gravel sources are available.

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