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The Flagstaff Regional Airport, located between Killam and Sedgewick at 44271 Rge Rd 131, is owned by Flagstaff County and operated with the assistance of the Iron Creek Flying Club.

We offer a 24-hour cardlock fuel system as well as a comfortable terminal facility with most amenities required by recreational pilots.

Also available are long-term lease lots awaiting the construction of your new hangar.

General Information

  • Phone: 780-390-0312
  • Aviation Data Location: 52° 47′ 44.3955 N; 111° 45′ 38.0329 W
  • Elevation: 2,182 ft.
  • Runway: 2950 ft. x 75 ft. Asphalt along with Aircraft Radio Control of Aerodome Lighting (ARCAL) System

Airport Information


Pilot lounge, washrooms, and soft drink vending machine available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via pilot access only.


Price: $2.38 per litre (updated April 25, 2024)

avgas 350w

24-hour cardlock available (MasterCard, Visa, Debit).


  • ARCAL System: Activated by five clicks on 123.2 MHz
  • Computer: For pilots (restricted to weather and NOTAM info only)
  • FIC Edmonton: 1-866-992-7433


  • Landing Fees: None
  • Lodging and Dining: Restaurant and motels within 5 kilometres of the airport
  • Phones: Phone on site
  • Tie-Downs: Limited in-pavement locations and limited grass locations. No fees.
  • Transportation: Contact 780-390-0312

Aircraft Hangars:


Leased land available for aircraft hangars. For more information, please call 780-384-4100.

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Kevin Kinzer

Maintenance Contact

(780) 384-4106

(780) 390-0312

Darrell Szott

Emergency Contact

(780) 385-6105

Duane Kuilboer

Emergency Contact

(780) 390-0349