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Staff Directory
General Inquiries: 780-384-4100
Chief Administrative Officer Shelly Armstrong 780-384-4101
Corporate Services Director Deb Brodie 780-384-4109
Community Services Director Karen Burnand 780-384-4140
Municipal Services Director Darrell Szott 780-384-4107
Communications Coordinator Cary Castagna 780-384-4134
Assessor Sean Cosens 780-464-4655
Agricultural Services
General Inquiries: 780-384-4118
Agricultural Fieldman Nick Dunn 780-384-4138
Agricultural Foreman Matthew Pfeffer 780-385-6246
Development Planning
Development Officer Rosemary Hoyland 780-384-4102
Administrative Assistant Wanja Nordin 780-384-4130
Economic Development
Economic Development Officer Jenalee Waring 780-384-4152
Economic Development Coordinator Shaina George 780-384-4151
Economic Development Coordinator Kerri Lefsrud 780-384-4150
Economic Development Administrative Assistant Charlene Sutter 780-384-4121
Health and Safety
Health and Safety Officer Bert Goliath 780-384-4108
Human Resources
Human Resources Advisor Candace Adams 780-384-4127
Protective Services
Peace Officer Skyler Zelinski 780-384-4100
Peace Officer Aaron Young 780-384-4100
General Inquiries: 780-384-4110
Field Coordinator John Guhle 780-384-4122
Field Coordinator Randy Brodie 780-384-4125
Public Works Industry Liaison Trina Lassu 780-384-4103
Administrative Assistant Koree Beaumont 780-384-4123
Administrative Assistant Connie McArthur 780-384-4115
Shop Supervisor Kevin Kinzer 780-384-4106