Speed Demons

Reegan’s love for colour, art, design, horses, barrel racing, skiing, and SPEED has lead her to create a brand known as Speed Demon. At a young age of 14, Reegan decided to create a clothing line that is both fun and comfortable. She works alongside her mom at Rustic Stars in Hardisty, Alberta. With the guidance of her mom, she was able to learn the ins and outs of design software as well as how to print her designs on different garments. She was sponsored by the MSport 6 also known as the “Air Conditioned Shirt” in 2018 after submitting her sketches to them. They were interested in her “Unicorn design” and a few months later the “Unicorn shirt” was created. This shirt was a huge success. The “Unicorn Shirt” was worn at the 2018 NFR in Las Vegas by barrel racer Kylie West. MSport 6 gave her an opportunity and also taught her that dreams do come true! Work hard, and follow your heart!



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