Doing Business in Alberta

Whether a business or individual, this is your place to find information and resources about doing business in Alberta and moving to Alberta. Visit to choose your path and learn more about what Alberta has to offer.

Alberta Government – Small Business Resources

This is your gateway to Alberta Small Business Resources. This is a directory of business resources for new and established entrepreneurs. Visit the website to learn about strategies and initiatives underway to drive small business in Alberta.

Economic Dashboard

The dashboard compiles the Alberta’s economy’s most important indicators for business in one place. It provides a quick snapshot of Alberta’s current economic state or provides a gateway for you to explore indicators in more detail.

Alberta Labour Force Statistics

Get the latest update on Alberta’s Labour Force such as most recent unemployment rate for the province as well as the various economic regions within Alberta. Labour Force Statistics are compiles and distributed monthly. Highlights are available by 8:00 am on the day of the Labour Force Statistics release.