Prairie Soap Shack

Five generations ago, back in 1905, Prairie Soap Shack owner Jessica Mose’s family came and settled on a farm which is now part of Flagstaff County. Jessica has a deep appreciation for the land we live on and all of nature’s abundance.

At a young age, she was taught about our native wildflowers, plants, and trees which developed into a bigger interest in her adulthood and eventually turned into her business. She handcrafts all-natural cold-pressed soaps, balms & salves using many local prairie ingredients. Prairie Soap Shack’s ingredients originate from many natural sources; from family raised beef for tallow to wild yarrow in her pasture for balms to her organic vegetable & herb garden. Prairie Soap Shack does not use any synthetic or artificial ingredients, and Jessica takes pride in creating products that are connected to our roots in the Alberta prairies.

Our lives seem to get busier and busier nowadays and with all the different information out there, it’s hard to know what is healthy and if we are making the right choices for ourselves and our family. Prairie Soap Shack keeps life simple by making soap, balms, & salves with the same techniques as thousands of years ago. They use high-quality oils, botanicals, and essential oils to make their products -so not only are their recipes free from synthetic & potentially harmful chemical additives, they are healthy for you too! Using passed down knowledge, reference books and guides Prairie Soap Shack uses local and handpicked wildflowers, plants, herbs, and resin to create beautiful and useful products for the whole family.



Owners Name

Jessica Mose