Do you ever have questions about something related with your business? We have put together a new Business Resource Library that includes publications on a variety of topics from Adult Back to School Planning, Recruitment and Retention Strategies, Succession Planning for Small Business, Dealing with Workplace Conflict, and much more.

Western Economic Diversification

For more than 25 years, Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) has been working to diversify the western economy while improving the quality of life of western Canadians. We aim to be a leader in building a strong, competitive West by focusing on business development, innovation, and community development.

Stop by the Flagstaff County office to check out the library and pick up a publication that can assist you or you can download a PDF copy below:

Adult Back to School Planner

adultplanner 150Everything an adult needs to know about going back to school—making a plan, anticipating the challenges and knowing where to go for support. This workbook deals with how to cope with change, organize your life, take care of the kids, and more. It also covers effective study habits so you can get your homework done and maintain some balance in your life.

An Employer’s Guide to Employment Rules

employersguide 150When hiring, paying and terminating employees in Alberta, you must follow employment rules set by provincial and federal departments and agencies. An Employer’s Guide to Employment Rules provides an overview of the employment legislation you, your managers and your accounting staff need to know—including regulations on employment standards, human rights, workplace health and safety, and information and privacy. It also outlines procedures and requirements for hiring foreign workers, determining and remitting deductions to Canada Revenue Agency, and obtaining valid Social Insurance Numbers. A comprehensive contact list is included.

Easy Reading Employment Law Protects Workers

eremploylaws 150Employment Law Protects Workers provides basic Employment Standards information about minimum wage, vacations, rest breaks, overtime, statutory holidays and how to read a pay stub.

Employee or Contractor? Know the Difference

contractor 150Whether you’re an employer or a worker, you may need to know the difference between “employee” and “contractor” status—and the various implications and requirements of each. This resource provides information on the factors and definitions different levels of government apply to determine employment status.

Employing a Diverse Workforce: Making It Work

employdiverse 150Employing a diverse workforce and creating an inclusive workplace is a strategy that works for both employers and workers. This book provides you with examples from Alberta employers on how to retain and engage a highly motivated and diverse workforce.

Finders & Keepers: Recruitment and Retention Strategies

finderskeepers 150Employers who are able to find and keep valued employees gain the upper hand in today’s labour market. Finders & Keepers provides proven strategies and practical tools to help small- and medium-sized employers attract, recruit, select and retain employees. It condenses best practices and current research into practical and affordable steps. It also contains information about additional resources and includes blank worksheets.

Labour Market Information for Your Business: A Practical Guide

lmibusiness 150What is labour market information? Why should employers want to know about it? How is it used? This publication presents a business case for using labour market information to achieve greater productivity and competitiveness, provides testimonials from employers who have used labour market information to their advantage and lists many current links to reliable labour market information.

Leaving Your Small Business: Your Plan for a Successful Transition

leavesmallbusiness 150At some point you will be leaving your business, whether you sell, transfer your business to others or simply close the doors. Having a succession plan will help ensure value to your business, optimize financial security (including capital gains and tax implications), enhance employee relationships and provide peace of mind knowing that your business legacy will align with your vision.

Let’s Talk: A Guide to Resolving Workplace Conflicts

letstalk 150If you’ve ever experienced disagreements in the workplace, this book is for you. The conflict resolution methods presented are helpful for employees and employers of large, medium and small organizations, whether it’s a private sector company or a not-for-profit association. Contains information on how to handle situations internally and where to get outside help.

Retaining Your Staff

retainingyourstaff 150Discover why employees leave and what makes them stay. What do your employees need and what can you offer them? Read about the strategies Alberta employers and HR experts have successfully applied to retain staff and benefit from their experiences.

Safe and Healthy: A Guide to Managing an Aging Workforce

safehealthy 150The average age of the workforce is rising in Alberta workplaces. Employers are looking to retain their valued older workers (45+) and, in some cases, are in a position to hire older employees for vacancies in their organization. This publication examines perceptions and realities about the capabilities of the older worker and offers ways to keep your employees of any age safe and healthy on the job.

Succession Planning: Retaining Skills and Knowledge in Your Workforce

successionplanning 150How do you manage as more of your workers retire? Or as employees in key positions with crucial knowledge move on? Find out about the strategies and solutions Alberta employers have used to transfer and share organizational intelligence within their workforce.

Thinking About Layoffs? What You Need to Know Before Letting People Go

thinkinglayoff 150Are you contemplating laying off staff? Find out why downsizing isn’t always the best solution. This guide offers a number of possible alternatives. And, when layoffs are inevitable, it outlines best practices and legislation to follow when letting people go. It also includes information on ways to motivate your remaining staff and provides additional resources that can help you through the process.

X-treme Safety: A Survival Guide for New and Young Workers

xtremesafety 150This handbook for young, inexperienced workers is packed with information about workplace health and safety regulations, rights and responsibilities. Through personal stories, quizzes and checklists, youth gain the information they need to contribute to working in a safe, healthy and fair work environment. The book includes a detachable bookmark that can be used as a reminder for youth to take charge before they take on the job world.

Your Rights and Responsibilities at Work

rightresponse 150The provincial and federal governments have many rules that must be followed in the Alberta workplace before you start working, while you are on the job and when you leave your employer. Find answers to questions about your employment responsibilities and entitlements on the job, including regulations for employment standards such as wages, termination and vacation pay, legislation on human rights and workplace health and safety, and information on privacy.