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Flagstaff Family and Community Services (FFCS) is a multi-municipality program encompassing the entire Flagstaff Region (10 communities and Flagstaff County). FFCS serves people by identifying community needs from the grassroots level. Their programs are constantly in flux because community needs change. FFCS partners with many other Human Services agencies in Flagstaff to identify current needs and to come up with projects/programs to serve those needs. FFCS constantly tries to work together with all the Municipalities to make sure people are being served.


Flagstaff Family & Community Services, creating a caring community where people help people through education and support.


FFCS is a community motivated organization which acts as an advocate, facilitator and coordinator to bring community awareness of community development and preventative programs through education and support to individuals and families in need.

Goals & Objectives

ffcsSince its inception in 1976, Flagstaff Family and Community Services has prided itself on using a community development approach to programming. 

By "community development," the Flagstaff Family and Community Services program means that an attempt is made to meet local needs through existing resources. When this is not possible, a project may be developed with the assistance of Flagstaff Family and Community Services, after the need has been established and with as much community involvement as possible. By using this approach, Flagstaff Family and Community Services has developed a high level of volunteer involvement in its programs and has maintained a low per capita operating cost.

When a service is developed, every attempt is made to ensure the service has a humanistic orientation rather than one with a rigid bureaucratic structure. Flagstaff Family and Community Services is therefore quite flexible in their approach to community and personal needs.

Flagstaff Family and Community Services acts primarily as advocator, facilitator and coordinator rather than service provider. In addition to providing service coordination for Persons with Developmental Disabilities, Flagstaff Family and Community Services has focused on the development of community resources through education and partnership processes. The result has been an increasing community awareness of the self-help process and local resources.


Flagstaff Family & Community Services
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FIRST (Flagstaff's Informed Response Sharing Team)

firstFIRST's mission is to help all people achieve healthy relationships through support, family values, engaging youth, leading, and mentoring. FIRST is run by a volunteer board and is a registered charity. The program offers education, projects and counselling specific to relationship trauma.

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