2017 educational scholarship program

Flagstaff County is committed to helping local students pursue their dreams by providing financial assistance for post-secondary training beyond our borders – while encouraging students to return home to the Flagstaff Region to work and live once their studies are complete.

This year, there were 25 $1,000 scholarships available through the Flagstaff County Educational Scholarship Program!

Applicants were required to answer the following open-ended short-answer question:

Flagstaff County is aware of an aging and declining population within our Region. Since 2001, we have seen a population decline of 7% and the median age of residents is 17% higher than the provincial average. To address these issues, our key strategic objective is to attract working age population and families to our Region.

Flagstaff County is seeking your ideas on how to encourage youth to return to the Flagstaff Region upon completion of their post-secondary education.

Please provide three detailed examples of potential opportunities, initiatives or strategies that you feel would encourage you and other youth to return to the Region.

Click here for more on the 2017 scholarship recipients.

For the 2017 Educational Scholarship Program Application Guidelines, click here.

Applications for 2018 will open in the summer.


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Administrative Assistant
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