Nominate a Farm Family

Flagstaff County Council is asking residents to nominate a deserving farm family from within Flagstaff County for the prestigious 2023 Farm Family Awards.

These awards recognize families who best represent the values of the family farm within their rural community.

A Farm Family award winner:

  • Is highly involved in the community.
  • Depends on agriculture as the primary source of income.
  • Demonstrates leadership in the farming industry.
  • Engages in innovative and environmentally sustainable business/ farming practices.

Criteria required for a Farm Family nomination includes:

  • Active farm family unit where agriculture is the major source of income.
  • Increase awareness of agriculture and maintain a high standard in their agriculture business.
  • Promote the agriculture community through involvement and rural citizenship.
  • Be proactive in new agricultural technologies.
  • Act as a role model to the rural community.
  • Be deserving based on equal recognition of agricultural and community involvement

Click HERE for a list of previous recipients of this award and submission guidelines.

Click HERE for a nomination form.

Please email nomination forms to by Sunday, April 30, 2023.