Thank you to everyone who stopped by our promotional booth during the Edmonton RV Show!

The four-day expo presented an amazing opportunity to meet countless camping enthusiasts from throughout the Edmonton area and extol the virtues of venturing off the beaten path and visiting the Flagstaff Region!

We sung the praises of our rural region's campsites, golf courses, museumsFriends of the Battle River Rail train excursions, and the many other opportunities to truly escape the hustle and bustle of city life, including hiking, hunting, fishing, canoeing and downhill skiing, as well as the much-anticipated Battle River Splash Zone.

While many people initially mistook us for "that other Flagstaff" in Arizona, we quickly set them straight and explained to them that we're located just a couple hours southeast of Alberta's capital – the ideal distance for day trips and weekend getaways!

Here are just a few images from what turned out to be a very worthy event.

rvshowedmonton01 copy

rvshowedmonton03 copy

rvshowedmonton04 copy