Flagstaff County Council recently considered alternatives regarding the maintenance and operations of the natural gas system for the Hamlet of Galahad. The current system required a complete cost review, which included maintenance, operations and administration by Flagstaff County. 

At the September 27, 2017 meeting, Council agreed to request a proposal from Phoenix Gas regarding the take-over of natural gas services for the Hamlet of Galahad. The review of information and final decision was to be made at the January 10, 2018 Council meeting.

At their January 10, 2018 meeting, County Council reviewed the proposal, and agreed that Phoenix Gas Co-op would take over all infrastructure and operations of the Hamlet of Galahad natural gas system, effective February 1, 2018. 

Flagstaff County utility invoices for January 2018 consumption of natural gas were issued within the first week of February and were payable to Flagstaff County, as usual.

Natural gas consumption from February 2018 on will be billed by and payable to Phoenix Gas Co-op. 

Information to assist customers with their account transfer has been provided by Phoenix Gas Co-op.

Flagstaff County is confident Phoenix Gas will meet the needs for natural gas services to Galahad residents. Their cooperation and efficiency during the transition discussions has been appreciated. 

If you have any questions regarding this change for natural gas services, please contact us at 780-384-4100.

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