News Release

April 25, 2017

Even before the most recent spate of late-April flurries and noticeable lack of sunshine, this spring was already poised to be one of the wettest in recent memory. Buoyed by persistent snowfall on the heels of a rapid spring thaw — in addition to heavy precipitation last fall — the excessive moisture has admittedly wreaked havoc on County roads.

While we understand motorists’ frustrations, we remain optimistic that the current wet conditions will be shortlived. We anticipate the weather will soon moderate and our saturated roads will be allowed to dry. Once that happens, we will be able to dispatch our crews to grade the roads and return them to the high quality that motorists have come to expect.

In the meantime, it is important to keep in mind that Flagstaff County is certainly not the only rural municipality experiencing a wetter-than-normal spring. Impassable gravel roads have raised the ire of motorists in rural areas across Alberta this year. At the risk of using a bad pun, we’re all in the same boat.

Remember also that it’s not just motorists who have been inconvenienced by Mother Nature. We sympathize with agricultural producers who have been waiting patiently for their fields to dry so they can finally attempt to salvage crops left in the ground from last year’s discouragingly wet harvest. We also sympathize with livestock producers who have had to deal with extremely wet conditions while calving.

Residents are encouraged to report road issues via our website ( under the “I want to ...” dropdown menu. For an up-to-date list of road closures, click “Public Works Updates” near the top of the homepage.

For further information, please contact:

Cary Castagna

Communications Coordinator

(780) 384-4134

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