webappendix b drawings 1 copyQ: Will my taxes be raised to build the new Maintenance Shop?

A: No. Provincial MSI Grant funding is earmarked for the bulk of the project. Remaining costs will be covered by Building Reserves. Flagstaff County is debt-free and we intend to remain debt-free. No debenture borrowing will be required.

Q: We are in an economic downturn. Why build now?

A: With construction costs down considerably, now is the best time to build. In order to ensure efficient cost savings and capitalize on current market conditions, construction is targeted to begin this summer with completion by the spring of 2018. Rather than tearing down the current building, it will be used primarily for storage.

Q: Will this project stimulate the local economy?

A: Yes. Local contractors will be used whenever possible. Additionally, economic spinoff from the construction will also benefit local businesses, including restaurants, hotels, gas stations and lumber yards.

Q: What will happen to the existing shop?

A: The majority of the space will be allocated as storage for graders, the County bus, and a wide range of equipment and materials. The newest section of the existing shop will be renovated to house the Agricultural Service Board and a facilities maintenance work area.

Q: Who is overseeing the project?

A: Following an extensive tendering process, Council awarded the project management services contract at their Sept. 28, 2016 meeting to Edmonton-based RPM Consulting Services Inc., with Colin Roggeveen appointed as Project Manager.